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About me

I love to honor my time and focus to create a life that integrates all my passions.


I thought my path was completely clear and set as a physician-scientist trained in cancer biology and pathology. I would have my own lab and also practice dermatopathology 20% of the time to support my research and family. 

There were many transitions along the way, in becoming a mother, going through divorce, remarrying my amazing supportive husband, residency, fellowship and even changing labs during my post-doc. 

Throughout many of these shifts, I had coaching to support me. I used time management and mindset tools to integrate my multi-passionate life. I became aware of my people pleasing tendencies and worked on putting myself first. Coaching completely changed the way I approach the day and relationships. I became more adaptable to the uncertainty of life and learned how to support myself with self-coaching practices.




The pandemic shut down the lab, my community and family went into shock and overwhelm. Uncertainty and the value of our life took on a whole new meaning. The realization that we have a limited time on this earth came into focus. I also contemplated on how I was making an impact with social and racial justice efforts.

Having already had coaching for myself for several years, I knew how much it was supporting me through the challenges and it seemed unjust that everyone didn't have the same support. 

That was when I decided to become a certified coach to support the scientific and physician community as well as supporting my mission of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. 

I created a group coaching program for Latina physicians and started coaching physician-scientists in training. 

I decided to step away from the lab life while maintaining an adjunct appointment at UCSF to continue collaborative research in melanoma, and transitioned into private practice to maintain my clinical skills while supporting my family. 

My joy in helping others through coaching now focuses on exhausted and overwhelmed working moms in the STEMM fields who want to find more time for rest and get back their time to enjoy the lives they worked so hard to create. 

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Group Coaching for Working Moms in STEMM fields

End the constant struggle between work and life & get more sleep.

We help busy professional postpartum moms return to work without feeling overwhelmed or stretched between being a good mom and having a successful career.
In a world without support systems, we are here for you.
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